Windows 10 One Year Later: The Anniversary Update 2nd August 2016


Windows 10 one year later: The Anniversary Update reviewed 2nd August 2016

Taking a closer look at Windows 10’s first major annual update.

The Anniversary Update, Windows 10 version 1607 (16 for 2016, 07 for July, when it was finalized) is the first “major” update to Windows 10 since its release. While the November Update added refinements, the Anniversary Update adds entirely new features. Important and oft-neglected parts of the core operating system have received attention, and valuable new capabilities have been added for developers.

This is the first release driven by substantial feedback from Microsoft’s “Insider” preview program. The company has released some 25 preview versions of the Anniversary Update, and the company says it has made more than 5,000 “enhancements” as a result of Insider feedback. “Enhancement” is undefined, and with a number that high almost all of the “enhancements” are likely to be the most minor of bug fixes. The company does point at some larger features that it says it owes to insiders: the work done to the Start menu, Action Center, and Taskbar was all shaped by Insider feedback. Insider responses also caused Microsoft to reject a new and really rather ugly Explorer icon.

In making these claims about the Insider program, Microsoft is deliberately creating more distance between the way Windows 10 is being developed and way Windows 8 was developed. Windows 8 generated complaints for the duration of its beta period; its approach to handling the different input modes that it supported (touch, mouse, pen) was too jarring and disjointed, and elements of its interface, in particular the way certain features were activated by putting the mouse cursor in the corner of the screen, were far too obscure and awkward to use.

Source: – 1st August 2016

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